What is e-meeting?

e-meeting is an innovative web collaboration platform enabling teamworks to schedule their meetings, to organize and share files, to join teleconferences, to collaborate and make desicions

Why to use e-meeting?

It is an ideal solution for Board of Members, Committes and Teamworks offering a reliable collaboration enviroment for users and administrators.

What does the platform offer to administrators?

  • Manage groups and files via web
  • Organize multiple levels of management and roles (administrator, super administrator, secretary etc.)
  • User friendly interface
  • Add new or edit existing content fast and easily
  • Create multiple user groups
  • Bulk import contact lists
  • Poll dates for users availability before scheduling a new meeting
  • Schedule meetings (day, time, location)
  • Attach meeting material (daily agenda, attached material, desicions, collaboration files)
  • Share and edit collaborative flles
  • Schedule and join teleconferances
  • Record meetings and make presentations using whiteboard
  • Organize and archive meeting material
  • Instant notifications to groups via email and sms for new or updated content
  • Create and send bulk custom sms
  • Calendar for meetings and events

What does the platform offer to users?

  • Direct web access to data and files
  • Access contact details of team members
  • Calendar for viewing team's meetings and events
  • Full access to meeting material
  • Share their meeting material and proposals with other team members
  • File folder for organizing collaborative and public files
  • Edit files in collaboration with other team members
  • Share files with the team in public folder
  • Team teleconferance
  • Advanced search of data and files
  • Access to team's useful files library
  • Access team's announcements
  • Instant contact with other team members
  • Personal member's area

How to schedule a teleconference?

Teleconfereces are provided via Webex Platform by Cisco, that is the world leading solution

Is the platform flexible and scalable?

E-Meeting is a custom platform designed and developed by  E-Sepia Web Innovation in Drupal. It is 100% flexible and scaleble to meet your needs


Can I try the platform before I buy it?

Contact us for a full demonstration of the platform and it's features